How to manage successfully outsourced projects?
Nowadays, a lot of businesses are choosing to outsource projects when they are trying to keep it as cost-efficient and time-efficient as possible. Businesses benefit from outsourcing a company to gain intelligence and experience on their particular grounds. Sometimes it feels like you have won the lottery when you accomplish a project with an outsourcing company.
Here are some useful guidelines on how to manage your outsourced projects:
  1. The outsourced company needs to understand your business idea and the goals which should be achieved.
  2. In order for them to do the exact job you’re seeking for them to do, they need to be as clued up as possible about the project.
  3. Time Zone difference
  4. Remote teams assemble members distributed all over the world, and it’s almost impossible to find a time that’s convenient for everyone.
    Therefore, by deploying employee monitoring software across the company, it’s possible to monitor effort into prioritized tasks and to measure progress towards delivering projects within established timeframes.
  5. Project Management Software
  6. Powerful collaborative platforms let team members follow their workflow and get transparent updates on the work of their colleagues. Also, they can track their work, time management, and task progress. Having all work-related updates in one place allows them to accomplish more without getting distracted.
  7. Regular Meetings
  8. This unites nicely with having good project management software, but regular updates are crucial to being successful in your outsourced projects. These meeting usually occur daily or weekly for best results.
  9. Sync up regularly
  10. Effective communication with the off-site team is key to delivering a more productive and profitable project. That’s why keeping the team in sync should be done on a daily or weekly basis.
In Conclusion:
Treat your offshore partner like a co-worker or a even like a friend. This is the key of understanding and accomplishing your project in successful manner.
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